Who We Are

ProfiFeed Technologies was founded in 2015 with a vision to design industry 4.0 software and data focussed machine-tools.

Our product designs are based on thousands of automation solutions implemented over the years during which time we observed that most manufacturers in the 21st Century cut the same way as at the dawn of circular saws – relying on their worker's labour primarily to entirely.

Our vision of manufacturing is simple machine-tools which computerise and automate all processes associated with cutting, enabling your workers to produce like a machine, but without needing to work like a machine.

We operate under the belief that in order to grow we must set for ourselves the pass bar at having the best products in the World. Our measure of success here is from you, our Customers, whether you think we meet this goal.

Our commitment to you will always be to provide you the best products in this space and nothing less.

Year: 2009Product lines: 6

Year: 2011Product lines: 23

Year: 2012Product lines: 50

Year: 2015Product lines: 80

Year: 2016Product lines: 110

Year: 2019Product lines: 132

Year: 2023Product lines: 153

Our Team

Bojan Trabonjaca
Principal Engineer

Mr Trabonjaca graduated in 2005 from RMIT Aerospace Engineering and Business Management. After working in aerospace field, Bojan left a corporate career to start ProfiFeed Technologies in 2015. The Company was founded with a vision to make automation products that are simple-to-use, and centred on IT and data processes within manufacture. In the years since, the business has grown from garage beginnings to over 300 product lines and sales and distribution all over the World.

Profile picture of Bojan Trabonjaca, Principal Engineer
Jayme Reardon
Business Development Manager

Ms Reardon studied Business and Commerce at La Trobe University and has a strong background in industrial technology sales, team building, and project management. Since 2019 Jayme has been instrumental in progressing our industry 4.0 manufacturing technology to be the bedrock of how local manufactures get things made, making ProfiFeed Technologies the leading brand in Australia and New Zealand today.

Profile picture of Jayme Reardon, Business Development Manager
Predrag Sibinovic
Principal Software Developer

Mr Sibinovic graduated in 2008 from University of Electro-Technology in Belgrade, Systems and Signals, including earning a PhD in Computer Sciences in 2019. Predrag has been a part of ProfiFeed Technologies since 2015 with previous industry background in power generation systems. In this time, Predrag has been the key developer of the Company’s proprietary control systems, and one of the architects of the Company’s IT and data processes-centred automation products design.

Profile picture of Predrag Sibinovic, Principal Software Developer