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Dear business builder,

We know growing a manufacturing business is hard.

Really hard.

You're trying to juggle many things.

You need to buy many things.

You need to make even more things.

And if one of them is missing or not right…

Your whole project is at a standstill.

Sometimes for weeks.

To top it all off.

While you're contemplating how much money you have piled up in your production...

You're being pulled in a million other directions.

You're not even getting to do important business stuff.

Like marketing.

Or developing new products.

Things you would really like to do.

We know this story well… we are also a manufacturing business.

Most of us builders have a bad case of ADHD combined with "this one I must do myself".

And you end up doing this, and that, and also these too...

And soon, you’re tearing out your hair under all the things “only you” have to do.

We'd rather eat a Carolina Reaper than run a business this way.

And so you must too (chilly eating optional).

You're reading this because you want your business to go to the moon.

But without you putting in back-breaking amount of effort.

Or hiring one, two, or nine workers to do this in your place.

Maybe you're already flying…

But you want to drive your business to be one of the best.

Well... we've got good news for you.

You won't have to spend your weekends worrying about work anymore.

You'll be waking up every morning to a stream of orders out the door.

You'll be working on your business, not in your business.

You won't be worrying about the economy…

Because you know your business is one of the best.

It all begins by putting productivity first, no matter what.

Starting from today.

ABS Façade ACT


We completed the Perth Stadium façade project in 3 months. In this time we installed more than 85,000 linear meters of Styrum cladding which is 200+ tonnes of anodised aluminium. High-speed automatic cutting of aluminium extrusions to right lengths was absolutely essential for the project success and our ProfiStop FA saw was the centerpiece of this effort.

Signs You Need Production Automation

Are you so busy you can-not take any more work?Every month you are likely losing much more in sales and profit than the cost of investment in some simple automation.
Are you stressed trying to organise many things for your production?We can only keep 7±2 things in our head at any one time. Let ProfiStop machines take care of your cutting and you can focus on more important things.
Do you have two, three or five saws in your production?You can dramatically decrease space and labour allocated to cutting while simultaneously improving your production output with some simple automation.
Do you discover onsite you have incorrectly manufactured parts?Parts that don't fit are one of the most costly on-site work stoppages. Organise your production around our automated machines and forget about parts that don't fit.
Do you have large, complex projects with strict delivery times?It is impossible to deliver large projects in short time without efficient automated production. Our machines have delivered some of the biggest, high-profile construction projects around Australia.
Is your best worker occupied with cutting?Cutting is a labour and mind intensive task. Have your best worker focus on more important things and leave the dull work to our automated machines.
Are you an owner-run business?Hiring employees is one of the most challenging steps of growing a business. ProfiStop machine is a low-cost way to dramatically increase what you can output by yourself at a fraction of a cost of hiring a worker.
We hear stories like this every day.ProfiStop machine purchase is typically a transformational investment for our Customers sometimes paying itself off in a matter of months. This is because it automates one of your most labourious and unloved must do-s.
EA Probend VIC
"We have had our ProfiStop since 2015. From not having known about this kind of automation before to now after having one, I can say I would not run a shop again without having one on a saw. It is one of those things that makes a productive and stress-free business compared to one where you are constantly doing chores."

Our Customers

Victoria State Government
NSW Government
Bradnam's Windows & Doors
A&L Windows & Doors
Rylock Windows & Doors
Southern Start - Group of Companies
Meyer Timber
Z-Roll - We Simply Do It Better
Jeld Wen Windows and Doors
Corintian Doors
Assa Abloy
Timpack - Taking the load
A-Line Bulding System, VIC

Exceptional ROI

"Possibly the best investment I ever made. It's likely paid for itself already." [three months]

Why Profifeed Technologies

Exceptional ROIMost users find that their automated ProfiStop® machines pay for themselves in under a year.
High accuracy and productivityOur machines are high-productivity automation solutions for cutting, producing the parts you need consistently, and every time.
IT-focused productionIn 2023 manufacturing is about data. Our machines are designed around IT and data solutions to supercharge your productivity far beyond mechanical automation.
Industry leading supportOur technical support is regularly rated the best in the business by our Customers. We are available to assist you no matter where in the World you are 24/7.
Unmatched expertiseWe can assist you with any problem effectively and in minutes. Our IT and machine expertise is high because your support comes from the same people who built your machine.
Get more done, with lessProfiStop automation is the key step in transformation of your production from labour reliant to productivity based.
Big picture focusBe a part of the rising automation World where your people produce like machines, but without working like machines.
We are AustralianProfiFeed Technologies is a World-leading international business in industrial technology solutions. Be a part of our story.
Apex Truss VIC
"We have had our T460 for a few years now cutting 90x45 pine framing. The best part about it is having an empty offcuts bin at the end of a 1500 part run thanks to the inline optimiser. This alone would have paid off the entire machine many times over by now."

Are You Still Cutting With Tape Measure & Manual Stop Block?

Don't waste time walking up and down to fidget with your manual stop, do two cuts, to then have to do the whole trek again for the next length. While you're at it, toss your tape measure back in your toolbox too.

UP TO 10x FASTEROur automated measuring stops go to position in seconds. You'd be working waaaaayyyy too much trying to do that with your stop block.
MORE ACCURATEOur machines move with servo motor positioning accuracy to within ±0.1 mm. Try setting that quickly on a traditional stop block!
REDUCE LABOUR COSTSFree your operator from mundane process of cutting. Their mind will be fresh to make you more money, working smarter and faster.
FEWER MISTAKESAutomated measurement means less intricate tasks and smaller chance of human errors. Reduce waste, rework and costs.
DON'T WASTE TIME ENTERING DATASend your part lists to our machine wirelessly from the office. They will be there for your production immediately to just press GO and start cutting.
OPTIMISED CUTTING LISTSSave material and cutting time with optimised cutting lists. Our machines optimise your list automatically using sensor measurement.
LABELS PRINTINGSort our your parts easier for assembly. All our machines can print labels with part or job numbers with every cut you make.
BARCODE AND QR CODES SCANInput jobs into your machine using barcode, QR codes scan, or our online cloud drag-and-drop jobs portal.
LIFETIME ACCURACY GUARANTEEWe can on your site or remotely recalibrate your machine to within our factory specs for as long as you have it.
ALUMINUM STEEL TIMBER & MOREWe have automated measurement and cutting solutions no matter what lengths or material you cut.


"We have been able to create an Industry 4.0 production line with our ERP software and ProfiStop Alpha combining traditional material and techniques with cutting-edge technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your auto measuring stops compatible with my saw?

Yes - our auto measuring solutions will work with almost all saws there are and many other machine-tools like presses, drills, shears, CNC routers, and more.

I just want a simple auto measuring stop? Do you have this?

Yes - our Basic software interface is for simple, no-frills auto saw measurement. It is a num-pad style interface, just enter the length and press Go. The auto stop moves to the length, ready for you to cut.

How accurate are your auto cutting / measuring systems?

The positioning repeatability of our systems is ±0.25 to ±0.1 mm. Our measurement solutions are based on servo motor positioning using a steel-impregnated belt or rack-and-pinion drive motion.

I have a lot of cutting production data each day. Can your machine help me streamline dealing with this?

Yes - our Optimiser software interface allows you to import and cut complicated job lists by WIFI, including automated cuts counting and inline printing of labels for your parts.

Do you provide complete cutting solutions to replace my existing setup?

Yes - we can provide you with complete cutting stations including saws, auto measuring systems and infeed / outfeed tables, as well as complete fully integrated automatic cutting / feeding / loading solutions for aluminium, steel or timber cutting.

Can your machines help me optimise cut lists to save material cost?

Yes - our Inline Optimiser system will measure the length using a sensor for each piece of material you put through. The system then automatically calculates the top nest to reduce your waste down to next to nothing.

What length materials can your systems accept?

Our standard solutions are for materials up to 6 to 12 m long, however we can provide positioning / cutting solutions not limited by any length you may need.

Do you provide installation & training?

Yes - we can provide onsite installation and training for our machines, including in your home Country.

Is there after sales support?

Yes - we have a support team who are available 24/7 and we can assist you no matter where in the World you are.

Mantova Shelving NSW
"We have been looking to in-source the steel cutting for a while for the cost and the accuracy control but without also insourcing all the labour associated. We purchased the S400 fully auto saw and now we cut on it all our shelving framing. It has been the perfect solution as it cuts very accurate for our welding but at the same time the productivity per operator is very high. It has been an excellent purchase.
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