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"Possibly the best investment I ever made. It's likely paid for itself already." [three months]

ProfiStop® Omicron

ProfiStop Omicron is a heavy-duty solution for high-productivity cutting of heavy steel or timber. Run your heavy-materials production with precision and accuracy of a Swiss watch.

  • Fully automated servo motor cut lengths measuring
  • Simple to use high-accuracy heavy materials cutting
  • Heavy duty 120+ kg recommended material weight
  • Ideal for hardwood timber and structural steel
  • Automated and streamlined jobs management
  • Label printing and bar-code / QR jobs input (optional)
  • Jobbing integration to your ERP system (optional)
Simple Measuring
Stop for Light Steel

Simple high productivity automated saw measuring. Fast and accurate steel cutting with simple to use interface requiring minimal use inputs for confident operation. Software-centered machine design helps you manage your entire cutting process, including, cut lists, optimisation, labels and much more.

Highly suitable for:
  • Bulk aluminium manufacture
  • Greenhouses manufacture
  • Agricultural manufacture
  • Aluminium frames manufacture
  • Aluminium retail sales
Can be used with all your existing saws including:
  • Band saws
  • Industrial drop saws
  • Guarded up-cut saws
  • Radial arm saws
  • Drills and presses
Eclipse Passive House NSW
"We spent a significant amount of time investigating options for creating automated cutting where we could export cutting sheets from out BIM software. Most of the options fell short as far too complicated or too simplistic. That was until we found Profistop. It allows us to export cutting sheets direct to the machine, optimise the material, and create automatic labels. ProfiStop software productivity capabilities we were looking for were matched only by one other machine which was a $350,000 CNC centre."

Inline Automatic Optimiser

All ProfiStop measuring stops can be inline optimiser stops. For any piece of material you place down to cut, a laser sensor will measure its length. Our powerful optimisation algorhithm then takes your cut list and automatically calculates the best parts to cut from this material to minimise waste. Your operator just presses Go and cuts.

FIFO Jobbing
Total Parts: 72
Aluminium required: 180 m
Aluminium waste: 21.7%
Cutting time: 43 mins
Optimiser Jobbing
Total Parts: 72
Aluminium required: 144 m
Aluminium waste: 2.1%
Cutting time: 22 mins
Save $$

You spend a lot on aluminium profiles and chances are it is the biggest expense in your production. An optimiser run production will result in significant material cost savings in comparison to typical first-in cutting.

Powerful algorithm

Our inline optimiser with a cut list containing a mix of long and short parts will produce 99%+ yield most of the runs, even with cut lists containing not many individual parts.

Zero hassle optimisation

No need to run any optimiser from the office, print dozens of pages, or pay attention to putting the profiles in the “right” order. Just send the Excel cut list to the machine, and put in your material to cut, of any length, in any order.

Use up offcuts easily

No more measuring and recording your offcuts for the office. Just return them into stock, and put them through the machine at the start of the next job.

Get something for nothing

Your aluminium typically comes with extra 20-60 mm on each length you buy. With inline optimiser, this will automatically be used up to produce your parts, and without you needing to do any extra work.

Optimise ad-hoc cut lists

Our system allows you to optimise both complex Excel-prepared cut lists, as well as ad-hoc cut lists you just think up, easily and quickly.

ProfiStop® Omicron
Hard Work
Made Easy

Signs You Need Production Automation

Are you so busy you have to decline work?
Do you have two, three or five saws in your production?
Do you find parts don't fit right on-site?
Is your best worker occupied with cutting?
Do you have large, complex projects with strict delivery times?
Do you feel your production work is like doing many chores?
Do you have a junior employee tasked with cutting out parts from offcuts?
Do you have many productivity ideas but no time to progress them?
Are you constantly busy, but struggling to progress profits?
Are you constantly working in production but projects still come together slow?