A420 Semi-Automatic Aluminium Saw

Upgrade your aluminium production to a high-speed, high-safety, OHS compliant saw.

A420 is a simple to use saw for small-profile cutting of straight or mitered aluminium parts (up to ±75°). High-safety operation with a two-hand press cutting and full saw guarding (including 900 mm tunnels each side) preventing access to the saw as well as uncontrolled offcuts ejection.

Pneumatic liftable guard opening and closing with a press of a button. Safety switch disabling the saw on guard up.

  • Ø420 mm TCT saw blade with 2.2 kW drive motor
  • AS / NZS 4024:2014 safety standard, two hand press cut operation
  • Overhead safety guards with safety tunnels 900 mm each side of the saw
  • Safety guard liftable on a press of a button for unimpeded saw table access
  • Safety switch disabling the saw operation on guard up
  • 2x vertical and 2x horizontal clamps with adjustable clamp pressure
  • Adjustable saw mitre angle to ±75°
  • Moveable back fence for increased cutting capacity
  • Spray-mist blade lubrication system
  • Air gun and LED interior light
  • Ø100 mm attachment point for chip collection
  • Optional 2.2 kW vacuum chip extractor
Highly suitable for:
  • Windows and doors manufacture
  • Commercial office manufacture
  • Data centres manufacture
  • Linear lighting manufacture
  • Blinds and shades manufacture
  • Composites manufacture
Automatic Up-Cut
Saws with Safety Guarding

High speed and accuracy cutting of aluminium with high safety operation. High precision cutting with milled quality finish of parts. PLC controlled cutting and safety operation suitable for process automation.

Safety-Focussed Design

Machine design as per CE and AS / NZS 4024:2014 safety standards. Full saw guarding with automated lifting of the guard with a press of a button. Safety switch detecting the guard in the up position, disabling all machine operation.

Technical Specfifications

415V 3-phase, 15A max2.2 kW3000 RPM420 / 30 mm66 m/s