We are very proud to introduce the latest iteration of our S400 automatic steel saws for high-accuracy cutting-to-length of small to medium size steel profiles.

The design is based on the very reliable and popular Brobo cutting head and also includes heavy-duty roller tables, and Omicron linear feeding unit with rack-and-pinion drive, suitable for feeding heavy materials.

Suitable for material lengths from 6 to 14+ m and 40 – 420 kg in weight.

Fully integrated safety control system with a safety relay and guarding to AS / NZS 4024:2014 with button-press lifting of the guard to access the cutting area.

Closed-loop safety monitoring of the saw blade rotation and automatic blade jam-alleviation. Optional high-flow cooling pump system with a high-volume tank and drainage system suitable for continuous full-bar cutting.

See it a video of the S400 in action.